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Sensory Play Class
in the Park+
BILINGUAL (English - Spanish)

Clase de Juegos Sensoriales
en el Parque + BILINGUE (Inglés - Español)

In joint Venture with Nigthingale Music School


This class is led by Ms Yuru how have a Bachelors Degree on Early Childhood Education since 2009 and is passionate about connecting adults and children through sensory activities.

From birth to age 5, a child's brain develops more than at any other time in life. Sensory play classes and activities increase brain development, improve fine and gross motor skills, promote language development, help to regulate emotions and behavior and spark a child's interest in learning.

Quality time with infants and young children engaged in sensory play will lead to healthier, happier, smarter kids.
Join a unique sensory experience that is bilingual, creative and educational to develop your child's brain with all he/she really needs to learn 

Desde el nacimiento hasta los 5 años, el cerebro de un niño se desarrolla más que en cualquier otro momento de la vida. Las clases de juegos sensoriales aumentan el desarrollo del cerebro, mejoran las habilidades motoras finas, promueven el desarrollo del lenguaje, ayudan a regular emociones, comportamientos y despiertan el interés de los niño en el aprendizaje.
Tiempo de calidad con bebés y niños pequeños involucrados en juegos sensoriales conducirá a niños más saludables, felices e inteligentes.
Disfruta de una  experiencia sensorial bilingue, única, creativas y educativa para desarrollar el cerebro de tu hijo con lo que realmente necesita aprender.

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The BILINGUAL Sensory Play is a program that consists of 4 SESSIONS with 6 CLASSES per session, which can be started any time throughout the year.

We have separated the sessions by colors and each color has different activities, songs and games that are not repetitive. The idea is to offer you a wide variety of activities that can be done at home and that you probably never imagined that could be done. 


Sensory play in the Park classes are for children ages 6 months –  Toddlers 4 years with Parent or Caregiver

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$245 – which includes the wonderful ZoneBK Sensory Experience Box and the 6 week session of classes.
If you have taken the outdoor Sensory Play class and already received the original Sensory Experience Box, then your cost is $220 (includes NEW sensory play materials for the new session)

Siblings are 1/2 off  parent will need to purchase and additional Sensory Experience Kit. Military discount 20% off. Call 858-488-3244, for more details.


Sensory play in the Park . 6 week session JAN 30th- MARCH 11
 *6 Week Session*  
Classes meet once a week for
45 minutes


If it is raining the day of class, we will reschedule the class for another day at the same time. If you cannot make the rescheduled class, you are welcome to go to any other Sensory Play class or take a Music Class for your make-up.

Ages 6 months - 4 years with Parent or Caregiver |
 6 week sensory play session at Kate Session Park 

Introducing a unique Sensory Play experience in English AND Spanish for your non-walkers and toddlers outside at beautiful Kate Sessions Park!
These creative and educational brain building classes are taught by Ms. Yuru Lameda, also known as “The Babies and Kids Whisperer”. Ms. Yuru has a college degree in Early Childhood Education and ten years of experience working with children and their families. Ms. Yuru will teach and share with you how quality time with infants and toddlers engaged in sensory play will lead to healthier, happier smarter kids!


Social distancing will be practiced throughout class. Thank you for helping our teachers and families stay safe!

All our participants should register and sign the Participant Agreement, Release and Assumption of Risk before attending.

Children ages 6 months – 4 years old with Parent or Caregiver
Infant /toddlers combo class


This class is designed to engage children in a group setting with their parent(s) or caregiver to give the little ones a wide variety of  creative, meaningful stimuli to support cognitive growth. 


We will enjoy songs in English and Spanish that together, with the materials that you will receive, will allow us to have:


1)  Tactile inputs: being able to touch the different textures and feel the temperature of the materials provided and the environment around them.


2) Sight inputs: observing the different shapes and colors that materials have, observing the people and environment around them supported by songs and games that we are going to enjoy


3) Taste inputs: putting the materials provided in their mouth and feeling their taste or temperature.


4) Smell inputs: smelling the materials provided and the environment around them.


5) Auditory Inputs: listening to the sounds of  the materials provided, the songs that we will enjoy, and hearing another language that is not their native one... etc


6) Proprioceptive input: moving their body fast and slow, throwing things, filling and emptying containers, popping bubbles... etc


7) Vestibular inputs: using their body or feeling through the mother's or caregiver's body with rocking movements and movements to work on balance 


The importance of rich and varied sensory play experiences cannot be overstated. They are essential in the earliest years of a child's development and are the foundation of all skills children will use as they grow and thrive. 


Esta clase está diseñada para darle a tu chiquito todos los estímulos necesarios que su cerebro necesita para desarrollarse.

Disfrutaremos de canciones en inglés y en español que junto a los materiales que recibirás al inscribirte nos permitirán:


1) Estimular el tacto: al poder tocar las diferentes texturas y temperaturas de los materiales proporcionados y del ambiente a su alrededor.

2) Estimular la Vista: observando las diferentes formas y colores que tiene los materiales, observando las personas y ambiente a su alrededor

3) Estimular el Gusto: metiendo en su boca los materiales proporcionados y sentir su sabor o temperatura.

4) Estimular el Olfato: oliendo los materiales proporcionados y ambiente a su alrededor.

5) Estimular el Oído: escuchando el sonido que haremos con los materiales proporcionados, las canciones que disfrutaremos y el estar expuesto a otra lengua que no es la nativa... etc

6) Estimulación Propioceptiva: moviendo su cuerpo rápido y lento, lanzando cosas, llenando y vaciando recipientes, explotando burbujas...etc

7) Estimulación vestibular: usando su cuerpo o sintiendo a través del cuerpo de mamá balanceos y movimientos para trabajar el equilibrio No se puede subestimar la importancia de las experiencias ricas y variadas del juego sensorial. Son esenciales en los primeros años del desarrollo de un niño y son la base de todas las habilidades que los niños usarán a medida que crecen y prosperan. 


No se puede subestimar la importancia de las experiencias sensoriales. Son esenciales en los primeros años del desarrollo de un niño y son la base de todas las habilidades que los niños usarán a medida que crecen y prosperan.

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