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"Create memories, connect with your child, and enjoy quality time together through sensory play classes."


We believe that we can change our future and create a better world by promoting more opportunities to connect and enjoy quality time with our children through sensory play.. This way, we can minimize screen time and its negative effects

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The BILINGUAL Sensory Play is a program that consists of 4 SESSIONS with 6 CLASSES per session, which can be started any time throughout the year.

We have separated the sessions by colors and each color has different activities, songs and games that are not repetitive. The idea is to offer you a wide variety of activities that can be done at home and that you probably never imagined that could be done. 

*You do not need to know Spanish to be able to do this program


Meet Miss YURU

Hello! I'm Miss Yuru, the founder of Zone for Babies and Kids since 2009. As a child development teacher, I've created a program that gives you the opportunity to enjoy quality time together through sensory play. These classes are designed for pure enjoyment, filled with movement, singing, dancing, being loud, and embracing the joy of messiness! Because mess is FUN! Get ready to participate in a one-of-a-kind program taught in both English and Spanish, providing a unique experience unlike anything you've encountered before.

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