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zone for babies and kids

Ms. Yuru Lameda believes that we can change our future and create a better world by promoting more opportunities to connect and enjoy quality time with our children through sensory play. This way we can minimize screen time and its negative effects...

Best known as “The Babies and Kids Whisperer”, she founded the Zone for Babies and Kids in 2009, and she is on a mission to create more opportunities for parents and caregivers to dedicate as much quality time as possible to their children in a fun and respectful environment.
Ms. Yuru has a college degree in Early Childhood Education and more than 16 years of experience working with children and their families. She enjoys educating not only the children, but also her close relatives and friends. By sharing her teacher’s secrets, she discovered that interacting with children is easier and more enjoyable. 

​At Zone for Babies and Kids (ZBK) you will enjoy unique experiences and will create amazing memories together to have HAPPY CHILDREN. 

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Alter family

We had such a great experience at ZBK in Caracas, Venezuela.  I talk about our experiences there all the time with my girls’ current teachers and other parents because I sincerely believe it was a one-of-a-kind experience.  


We started when my oldest child was about 10 months old.  We went to the “patuque” classes, which were all about sensory stimulation.  My daughter loved the songs, the dancing, the climbing, and of course, the messing around with different textures and tastes of puréed food!  It was so great to see her so engaged.  And Yuru and her staff were amazing through it all.  They clearly love children and know how to interact with them in caring and educational ways.


When my older daughter was about 2.5, she started going to art classes at ZBK (while her younger sister started attending the patuque classes).  There, she mixed with kids aged 3-8, and learned how to study an artist.  Really, it was amazing.  Since moving back to the U.S., I have not found anything remotely like this experience (the best I could find in Washington, DC, was a 45-minute class that met once per week).  I still have these paintings among my daughter’s possessions; and most recently, when we moved, I asked my daughter if she wanted to keep them or give them away, and she said that she wanted them to remember her times at ZBK!  


This class/experience is an amazing concept, conceived by an amazing teacher.  I think Yuru really has something special here, and the more she shares it with new parents and their children, the better we all will be for it.  She is a gem.

Cho family

Yuru is absolutely phenomenol with children!  She has a natural love and understanding of them and they can feel it; my one and three year old LOVE her and are always in great spirits after spending time with her.  She also has a knack for generating age appropriate, fun, and creative activities for kids, no matter what age they are.  I have also been thoroughly impressed with her professionalism, work ethic, and passion for what she does!  ZBK is an amazing organization that has brought our family much joy and we look forward to making many more great memories together!!"

Mora Family

Zone for Babies and Kids is amazing!!! Wherever we are in doubts in something related to children, Yuru always give us excellent advices. As for the classes, we do a lot activities that booster your kid's creativity and the games are super fun. My favorite one is called Patuque. Definitely, your kids are going to enjoy their class like mine. We are so happy that we found this place. 

Arguello Family

My experience with ZBK was significant and unforgettable. My little one attended painting and music classes and was very happy. He had fun and learnt with the teachers. I love them and remember them, especially for their excellent work, not only as professionals but also as human beings. ZBK teachers have a unique charisma. No doubt I would choose ZBK again. Every single time!

Kimberly family

My 2 year old daughter loves ZBK activities. Zone for Babies and kids has been part of both Birthday parties so far, doing fun and engaging activities.  Through the activities my daughter is able to keep focused and always asks for more after everything is done. I would recommend Yuru's program to any parent with young children for sharing time together while having fun!

Gonzales Family

We loved the VIP classes with our children. We learnt something new to do every single time. Also, Yuru gave us wonderful tips about parenting and taught us about our children needs.

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