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Welcome to Sensory Play Classes
(Bilingual English Spanish)

Bienvenidos a las Clases
de Juegos Sensoriales

(Bilingue Inglés - Español)


San Dieguito County Park

Thursday 10:30am


Will meet at Gazebo in Area 1

The San Dieguito Park in Solana Beach has a daily parking fee of $3, but you also have the option to park for free in the outside parking area at Highland Dr. There is an option to purchase a parking pass for San Dieguito $25 for a year. Call San Dieguito park staff to purchase 858 755-2386


Classes Location!

Monday 4:00 pm

Wednesday  9:30 am 

Friday     9:00 am

Saturday 9:30 am 


Will meet at the right side of the park were the blue spots are in this picture 

Kate Session Park

Water proof blanket

This is on of the blankets that I use

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